We wanted to share quotes from a great article from the CBC, which speaks to the importance of our #BlindHockey development camps.
Canadian Blind Hockey executive director Matt Morrow says “Any time we host an event like this, it has the effect of growing the para sport of blind hockey,” said Morrow, adding there are 55 participants this year, including players from Europe.
He says the camp not only helps develop the elite players, but gives them a chance to mentor youth players, some of whom are as young as six and lacing up for the first time.
“Once you get that adapted puck out there and you get them into program with other kids who are blind or partially sighted with the adapted rules, it just shows the sky is the limit,” said Morrow.
Thank you @cbctoronto and Patrick Swadden. You can find a full interview on CBC’s website and YouTube.
Matt morrow smiles on the ice while holding a hockey stick during the interview