Meet Shannon: 

June is #Deafblind Awareness Month and Canadian Blind Hockey is celebrating the achievements of our Deafblind players & community along with their amazing intervenors who play an important role in their lives both on and off the ice.  This photo is a perfect example as Deafblind defenceman Shannon murphy gets the game coaches instructions from his interpreter Gordon.


Meet Matt:

Matt shaw is wearing a canadian blind hockey white golf shirt and hat

“Having a deafblind condition is like having the world’s least attractive internet & cable package force you into a disability bundle with a lifetime contract. Along with that feeling, it also brought on some unexpected positive experiences. For one, it got me back on the ice and introduced me to the world of Canadian Blind Hockey, a journey that’s taken me from being a player to a board member. And it taught me to look at my limitations head on, and even how to trust the sense ability I did have – when to watch, and when to listen, in as much as I can. It makes everyday an adventure. I’m so proud of our entire blind hockey community. When I see a kid who is blind or partially sighted score their first goal on the ice, I get so pumped up. It takes guts to play the world’s fastest game with a disability. No matter how much you can or can’t see, you still have to go into the corners as hard as you can. It’s the only way to get the puck back. In the game, and in life.”