The parasport of Blind Hockey is a variation of ice hockey for athletes who are blind or partially sighted. The sport uses some modified rules and equipment, most notably the adapted puck that makes noise and is larger than a traditional puck.At the recreational level all athletes must be visually impaired, while at the competitive level all players must be classified as legally blind, which is defined as having approximately ten percent vision or less. While there is no rule limiting where a skater may or may not go on the ice, typically skaters with the most vision play forward and participate in all three zones, while skaters with less vision or no vision will play defence. In some cases, players with very little or no vision play the role of a true stay-at-home defenseman by participating only in their own end while communicating with their goalie to orient themselves on the ice. All goaltenders are extremely low vision or completely blind and wear a blindfold.

two players, one wearing a black jersey and one wearing yellow race to the puck