We’re thrilled to share that Blind Hockey will be featured as part of the new 12-part series Breaking Down Barriers on TSN! Each episode focuses on individuals and organizations dedicated to reshaping the culture of hockey.

The story of Mark DeMontis will premiere on TSN 2 at 10:30pm EST next Monday Oct 23 and air throughout the week. Mark has inspired many players to try Blind Hockey when facing their own challenges and we’re proud his journey will be shared across Canada. Special thanks to Toronto Six ice hockey player and host Saroya Tinker for joining us throughout the year at various Blind Hockey events & practices!

View the 30 second promo on our Youtube page

Please see below for more showtimes for Canadian Blind Hockey – The Mark DeMontis Story:

TSN 2 – October 23 @ 10:30pm EST

TSN 2 – October 24 @ 4:00pm EST

TSN 1 – October 25 @ 2:30pm EST

TSN 4 – October 25 @ 2:30pm EST

TSN 2 – October 26 @ 1:30pm EST

TSN 2 – October 27 @ 8:00pm EST

TSN 2 – October 29 @ 10:00am EST

TSN 2 – October 29 @ 12:30pm EST