youth in a wheelchair  from enabling change program with Canadian blind hockey logo
Canadian Blind Hockey is grateful to the Ministry of Seniors and Accessibility of the Government of Ontario for awarding us an EnAbling Change Grant to develop coaching resources for the #parasport of #Blind #Hockey.
“This funding will allow us to create the first-ever coaching resource for the parasport of blind hockey,” said Matt Morrow, Executive Director at Canadian Blind Hockey. “This resource will allow all coaches to safely and effectively offer programming that will improve the overall accessibility of sport, recreation, and hockey for participants who are blind or partially sighted across Ontario.”
“Our government is helping people create stronger communities where people of all abilities can participate more fully in everyday life,” said Raymond Cho, Minister for Seniors and Accessibility. “We are proud to invest in these projects all across the province that will drive awareness about the value and benefits of accessibility and provide more opportunity for everyone to thrive in jobs and their communities.”
More info about the EnAbling Change grant: