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Effective July 1, 2019 the Ontario Government has enacted Rowan’s Law (Concussion Safety), which requires all sports organizations, including Canadian Blind Hockey, to have a Concussion Code of Conduct.  Canadian Blind Hockey’s Concussion Code of Conduct is below.  The Concussion Code of Conduct requires that all participants review the Ontario Government’s issued Concussion Resources on an annual basis.  A participant is subject to a Concussion Code of Conduct for each Sports Organization a participant registers with. Review the Concussion Awareness Resources (if you are an athlete, parent, coach, team trainer or official).


Canadian Blind Hockey Concussion code of Conduct

I will help prevent concussions by my commitment to:

  • Wearing the proper equipment for my sport and wearing it correctly;
  • Respecting the rules of my sport or activity; and
  • My commitment to fair play and respect for all* (respecting other athletes, coaches, team trainers and officials).

I will care for my and others health and safety by taking concussions seriously, and I understand that:

  • A concussion is a brain injury that can have both short- and long-term effects;
  • A blow to the head, face or neck, or a blow to the body that causes the brain to move around inside the skull may cause a concussion; and
  • A person doesn’t need to lose consciousness to have had a concussion.

I will commit to:

  • report any possible concussion received during participation in Canadian Blind Hockey Programs to a designated person;
  • recognizing a concussion or possible concussion and the reporting to a designated person when an individual suspects that another individual may have sustained a concussion;
  • sharing any pertinent information regarding incidents of a removal from the sport with the Player’s school and other sport organization with which the player has registered;
  • sharing any pertinent information regarding incidents of a concussion that have occurred outside of participation in Canadian Blind Hockey programs to a designated person with your/individual’s Team;
  • Complete Injury Report Forms in a timely manner and ensures they are submitted to Canadian Blind Hockey;
  • Give commitment to providing opportunities before and after each training, practice, and competition to enable participants to discuss potential issues related to concussions; and
  • Maintain an open dialogue with all athletes and participants (and parents/guardians in cases of minors) about their health and any signs and symptoms of concussion they may experience.

I will commit to respect the Canadian Blind Hockey Removal and Return to Play Protocol by:

  • Understanding that if I have a suspected concussion, I will be removed from sport and that I will not be able to return to training, practice or competition until I undergo a medical assessment by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner and have been medically cleared to return to training, practice or competition;
  • Understanding I will have to be medically cleared by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner before returning to training, practice or competition;
  • Respect the roles and responsibilities of all coaches and health care professionals in Return to Play protocol; and
  • Respond appropriately with Return to Play protocols if a participant is experiencing concussion-related symptoms or if you suspect any participant has sustained a concussion.