We are very proud to release this descriptive video in effort to ensure our communications continue to be available in various accessibility formats to the best of our ability.

This year’s logo represents 10 years of the Canadian National Blind Hockey Tournament! The logo is also available in French.


The accessible font chosen is Arial Bold.  


Canadian Blind Hockey’s brand colours are red, black and white.

The logo has 3 banner layers: The first layer goes through the number 10 and holds the dates since the inception of the Tournament – 2013 on the left to 2024 on the right.  The number 10 is centered and within the centre of the 0, is Canadian Blind Hockey’s logo. Braille numbers are written within the 10.


The second banner under the number 10 says the event title “Canadian National Blind Hockey Tournament 


The bottom banner, which is a downward triangle includes the dates: March 22 – 24 and the Toronto skyline.   


Hosting Nationals in Toronto provides a centralized location for the hundreds of Blind Hockey players traveling from across Canada and beyond. We can’t wait to welcome you!